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Machinist uses 30 plus years of experience to choose the right tooling for the job.

Leese & Company History:

In 1953, John H. Leese, an established machinist, decided to take a risk. He elected to take the entrepreneurial path and established his own business. John Leese soon partnered with Robert Orris to form Leese & Orris Machine. The partnership endured for several years until both elected to split into two separate entities. Robert formed Orris Machine and John founded Leese & Company Inc. Both operated successful businesses for many years to come. The Leese legacy continued to thrive after John’s retirement with J. Barry Leese being named as President. Barry guided Leese & Company through many expansions and several acquisitions.

Shipping coordinator performs ultrasonic cleaning process for customer parts prior to shipment.


Christian G. Klanica became the new owner of Leese & Company in November 2009. Christian holds a Masters in Business from Duquesne University and brings over twenty years of manufacturing experience to ensure the security of the family business for many years to come. The founding principles of quality and experience will carry on as Leese continues to employ many experienced machinists. We pride ourselves on the number of long-term employees at Leese & Company. Many of our associates have been part of the Leese Organization for 30 plus years, with a few individuals having worked at Leese & Company for over 40 years. Quality workmanship and exceptional customer service will always be a part of Leese & Company, both now and in the future.

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